Friday, December 28, 2012

Home Depot tool rental price list

I noticed that it's a bit of a challenge finding a Home Depot tool rental price list (updated Sept. 2012) on the web so I decided to scan one that I acquired from the PoCo location at 1069 Nicola Ave, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3B 8B2, Canada (Phone number: 604-468-3361).

Note that the prices may vary from location-to-location, the time of the year and availability. You may even save some dollars on certain specials that they run from time to time.

 For example, during the spring I rented a power rake during the week and there was a discount. Conveniently, the Port Coquitlam location lists their hours at the top of the rental list as well.

If this helped, please leave a comment below so I know people found this useful.  If it's used regularly, I'll try and update routinely.  BTW, if it's a bit blurry when you zoom in, I found that if you zoom out and zoom back in it becomes clearer.

Home Depot tool rental list
Click on image to see full list

Monday, July 2, 2012

Woody's on Brunette Show and Shine 2012

Woody’s On Brunette’s hosted its Annual Canada Day Show & Shine in support of the Woody's Dare to Dream Foundation.

The weather cleared up shortly after 11 a.m., after dark clouds and drizzle threatened the event and by the early afternoon cloud and sun brought out more cars and show goers.

 Barbequed eats were served up along with great tunes.

There were prizes awarded for the top 3 People's Choice vehicles as well as a 50/50 draw and several raffle prizes.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What to do about bad breath before a fasting blood test

So it's morning and you've just woken up after fasting for 8-14 hours preparing for your blood test. However, you have the worst case of bad breath and you want to save the poor medical lab staff and other patients in the waiting room from the foul odor of your chronic halitosis. So what you can do about it without interfering with your blood work?

I talked to my local medical lab, B.C. Biomedical Labs, and asked what your options are. They indicated that you can do three things:

  1. Brush your teeth, tongue and roof of your mouth then rinse thoroughly to minimize swallowing any toothpaste.
  2. A little bit of mouthwash is acceptable but spit and possibly rinse with water to minimize swallowing any of the mouthwash.
  3. Do nothing. Go in with bad breath and all but have a mint or some gum handy for after your test is over.

Of course the best thing to do is to call and speak with your doctor and/or medical lab before hand to confirm what is acceptable.