Thursday, December 30, 2010

Virgin Radio 95.3: The Ring in 60 Seconds

Thank you to everyone for making the Ring in 60 Seconds a huge success!  It made the top 10 films at the Virgin Radio Fake Film Contest placing 6th out of 197 films including some that were made by professional film companies and film students.

About the film 

This is a 60 second version of the Ring created for the Virgin Radio Fake Film Contest. Written, edited and directed by me.  It is based upon the 2002 Gore Verbinski DreamWorks film and it stars Kerry Sandrin as Rachel, Kassidy Nienhuis as Samara/creature, Keldon Nienhuis as Aidan, Karly Nienhuis as girl teen and Ryan Sandrin as male teen. Music used by permission from Kevin MacLeod.

ALL elements are original footage shot or created for the fake film.  The inspiration for this film are my friends and family who encouraged me to do this and helped make it.  You can also see how the film was made at the official fake website:  Lastly you can also visit the official YouTube channel.

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